I owe so much to Chris.. I was a complete idiot and downloaded Mackeeper not knowing just how bad that program was.  Today when I went to use my computer it was telling me did i want to set up my mac now?  I just about died.. apparently that application is the death to your computer. I have all my photos, files saved, so much on my computer and it was GONE!! I panicked and called Chris, over the phone he was able to help me get my computer back to what it was before installing that app. I mean I have about 3.,000.00 pictures on my computer, so you can imagine my panic.  I am going to refer everyone I know to Chris with their computer problems, he is amazing with computers, and I say this because I have talked to him twice now, and he was able to help me both times in a very timely fashion.. He is very sweet, patient, and super quick to help.. I about had a heart attack at 42.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my computer back to the way it was.. I will never go anywhere else for computer repairs..

Jill T.